Better Start Bradford (BSB) Neighbourhood Project

The Karmand Centre has been commissioned by the Better Start Bradford to deliver the Neighbourhood Engagement Project in the BD3 area. The Neighborhood Engagement Worker aims to work in partnership with a wide range of community based organisations, schools and the local community.
The fundamental purpose of our Neighborhood Engagement Worker is to facilitate and increase the engagement of the local families into the Better Start Bradford programmes, inform them of the local services, events and support them with an understanding of family health and wellbeing.
By increasing the engagement of expectant parents and families with children under four, we hope to promote the parents as co-educators and positive role models for their children thus build a strong foundation on which the children can thrive on and enjoy a better start in life in terms of social, emotional and language development as well as health and nutrition to reduce the rise in childhood obesity.
The Better Start Bradford programmes are absolutely FREE to everyone living in the BD3 area with children under four years old.
If you would like to find out about the available programmes, please contact:
Email Address:
Phone:01274 669593

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